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Do you find that your staff is forced to spend more time trying to place your extended care patients into the right facility and less time is spent on caring for their patients needs? 

  LifeCare Plus+ Hospital Membership Information

Would your Care Management Professionals benefit from a patient placement system that provides an entire network of extended care facilities that can target specific facilities to their patients needs? Would you like to be connected to every Skilled Nursing Facility, Intermediate Care Facility, Residential Care Facility, and Assisted Living Facility in your region, state or the country? When you become a member of the LifeCare Plus+ network, every facility  utilizing the LifeCare Plus+ Network will be at your fingertips. 

LifeCare Plus+ Care Provider Referral Service
The LifeCare Plus+ Network is a secure, HIPAA compliant Care Provider Referral Service that allows your staff to search for Care Provider facilities in our national database of Care Providers and submit patient referrals to those facilities that meet your patient's health care needs and the geographic location of the facilities that they would like to be placed in. From anywhere in the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week, when a patient needs to be placed into an extended care facility, your staff will be able to submit the patient's referral to facilities that will meet their needs. In the time that it takes your staff to make one phone call to one facility, your staff can now send a patient referral to multiple facilities that will meet your patient's health care needs with just one mouse click. 

Facility Information Page  
Each facility's location and contact information, scope of health care services provided, amenities, admissions policy, and photographs of each facility are listed in our database of Care Providers. These pages are a great resource of information for your staff, your patient, and your patient's family members. You can print out these facility information pages and show your patient and the patient's family which facility's can accept your patient and provide them with each facility's information. Care Provider members change and update their facility's information page whenever the need arises. This enables your staff to keep up to date on any changes in a facility's scope of health care services currently being offered. 

Plus+Mail, The LifeCare Plus+ Network Mail System
Patient Care Managers access the LifeCare Plus+ Network Mail System through Plus+Mail. Plus+Mail is a secured, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant messaging system that members use to communicate via email. Patient referrals, messages between facility's and hospital's, and any other email communication that takes place over the mail system is done through the Plus+Mail system. 

Nation Wide Hospital Directory Access
Easily find Hospitals by City, County, and/or State.  

Nation Wide Care Provider Directory Access
Easily find Care Providers by City, County, and/or State.

Training And Technical Support 
The LifeCare Plus+ Training and Technical Support team is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of success for LifeCare Plus+ members. With an extensive Training and Technical Support site and experienced support professionals, the LifeCare Plus+ Training and Technical Support team is committed to providing timely resolutions to your issues.

Our Training and Technical Support site is available to all our members and partners. Here are some of the features of the site:

  • FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Release Notes - Fixes and features implemented in LifeCare Plus+ releases.
  • Product Advisories - Alerts about critical product bugs.
  • On-Line Help Guides and Product Guides.
  • How to contact the Training and Technical Support Team by Phone, Fax, and E-mail.

Hospital Enhancement Packages
Enhancement packages are not included in the basic Hospital  Membership Service and require additional fees for each package. 

  • Receive Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports
    These reports provide administrators and patient care managers with specific patient placement information in their county and state in the areas of the type of care patients required, the special needs of the patients, and the total number of patients placed into facilities.  

  • Create An Internet Presence For Your Hospital.
    If your Hospital does not already have a web site or if your current web site needs to be updated, let our web professionals create and market your Hospital's presence on the internet.   

For more information on becoming a member of the LifeCare Plus+ network, contact a LifeCare Plus+ Customer Service representative.  Email a Customer Service representative at, or  call 1.573.808.5140 between the hours of 9:00am - 6:00pm Monday through Friday. 



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